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Indonesian films are much praised for Belitung

Indonesian films are much praised for Belitung its storyline and beautiful beaches . And the beach is what will be my holiday destination this time . Tanjung Tinggi beach , Belitung .The aircraft departed from Jakarta at 10.15 and with a duration of about 1 hour , arrived at the airport I HAS Hanandjoeddin . Tiny airport of the airport that I have ever personally flown with the arrival and departure terminals that do not require the element of dizzy or confused .As with my other holidays , vacation time , too, I enjoy independently or without a travel agent . Pressing budget while still trying to maximize the time and place can I visit tourist .In this city , very little or practically paket wisata tour belitung terbaik no public transportation . The locals usually have a personal vehicle at least two-wheeled vehicles as their mode of transportation .From the information I read , transportation from the airport to Tanjung Pandan , Belitung city , could use the " Taxi " . Modes of transportation like a private car which turned out to be run by a travel agent . Apparently , for this time I have to be willing to " menyicipi " their services .

The airport - city pretty far , considering the route is actually driven a car without a hitch and above 80 km / hour . And after about a 45 minute drive , we arrived in downtown Pacific Islands , Tanjung Pandan , which is characterized by the presence of a roundabout ( a kind of roundabout when in Jakarta ) with Satam Stone icon in the middle . Ideal cottage , inn I go , still need to be within 15 minutes drive anymore .Specialty cottage Craving 2 , is old inn . Many people who know the location and history of the PI 2 ( common name locals call for cottage Craving 2 ) . Distinct advantage that until I lost . But , hopefully not until the incident .The inn also provides rental facilities and two four-wheeled vehicle with a deposit ID. I also agree with the two-wheeler pick -matic to be my long ride on this island .

I want to begin with the first half of the day to fill the stomach . I also directs the motor to Tanjung Pandan town center . Looking Mie Belitung ATEP is supposedly very famous . It is located on Jl . Sriwijaya , not far from the roundabout Batu Satam and there on the left path . Yellow noodles smothered in creamy shrimp sauce is warm , with a sprinkling of sliced ​​know , cucumber and pieces which I am less familiar but still tasty . Some small pieces of shrimp intact also placed over noodles . Crunchy crackers became final polish . And noodles was finally ready to eat

To drink , we ordered iced orange locks . Drinks were very fresh despite having a bit of trouble because of the grapefruit drink therein .

Around 2 pm , a trip down the coast began with the first target , Cape Coast High . From downtown to the Cape Coast High , takes about 1 hour late with above average speed 60-80 km / h . It is noteworthy , that the beaches in the Pacific was not a tourist spot on the island of Java in general, with the words "Welcome / Welcome " her . Here , do not expect the ticket counter . The road to the beach was very vague with way home resident who was a restaurant overlooking the beach . I myself experienced " bablas " heading to the beach because of the lack of incoming directions to the beach ( turn should , however due to the ambiguous road to the township , the motor was still drove for about 5 minutes ahead ) .And I came on the set Laskar Pelangi beach . Large stones piled and scattered along the beach , and no one knows who set a row of large stones TSB .
Rainbow Warrior IconRainbow Warrior IconOne advantage that I feel in the soles of the feet . Very fine white sand . Like the icing sugar sand sifter certainly escaped the slightest . Of the many beaches I've ever visited , this is the first time I felt the soft sand beach .Once satisfied selfie & so photographers catutan for a few hours on the beach , I decided to menyicipi the Pacific ocean navigation . My choice was , grilled shrimp & crab dip desert ( no sauce creations belitung apparently ... ) plus 2 glasses of sweet iced tea ( without rice ) .

Is one of the natural attractions found in Belitung

Is one of the natural attractions found in Belitung , a small town that has a beautiful natural charm . The air temperature in the cool Pangalengan makes this place great potential if all vegetable plantations and tea plantations Pangalengan often used paket wisata tour belitung island as a tourist destination . In addition to its natural beauty , Pangalengan renowned as one of the green vegetables are delivered to the various regions in Indonesia . Besides famous as a Pangalengan vegetable growing areas , agriculture , livestock and also a milk -producing region .In Pulau Belitung there are many industries that process milk into various food products , some of which is such a lunkhead milk , milk crackers , milk candy or caramel , and milk Noga . The journey to Pangalengan would seem like he was crossing the garden of paradise . Fun and awesome because along the way you will pass many tourist locations such as tourism estates , lakes , forests and rafting adventures .Pangalengan is one of the tourist sites developed by the Government of Bandung District to serve as the prime tourist destination passing through tourism awareness programs . Here there are many interesting places that you can visit , such as natural panoramic tea gardens , pine forests , and a vegetable garden that has become more or less a view of a typical altitude around 1100-1500 meters above sea level .Belitung this small town has beautiful natural scenery . Tourists who visit this site will find many other attractions such as Situ Cileunca , Malabar , Cibolang hot water bath , tea plantations , and many other interesting attractions that should not be missed. To achieve Pangalengan not so difficult . If the distance is only about 46km from Bandung to the south .Bangka Belitung still included in the category of tourist attractions in London and the surrounding areas you can make the choice when you want to vacation . If you are a lover of natural beauty , for sure you will like it , if you do not know the way to Pagelangan can buy Bandung tour packages that can facilitate akes your trip , if you want to come over and spend the night you can find and book hotels in London first.

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Belitung offers a variety of special packages to guests and visitors tour

Belitung offers a variety of special packages to guests and visitors tour . There are many tour packages which can be obtained , ranging from traditional lessons , adventures , to extreme sports to refresh the soul , mind , and body . In addition , there are also offers tour packages and luxury hotels are scattered in various corners of the city of Bali . All of these services didikasikan for travelers and travel lovers Bali .Belitung Tour Package also includes a range of services that are paket wisata belitung tour formatted with other forms of learning programs traditions , way of life , culture , and customs istiadata Bali . Bali is the ideal place for tourists to simply breathe in the morning air , riding a bicycle , even enjoying superb mountain climbing . Amed , for example , travelers can feel the sea breeze while enjoying water sports and diving to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs under the sea water .There are several types of Bali Tour Packages to choose from by the tourists .  Unique Tours . This package is designed to look more closely at the Bali way of life , the cultivation of Bali , Balinese music , to the livelihoods of Bali . This is a package that allows the visitor to enjoy Balinese culture as a whole .
    Regular Tour . This package is a special service for those who want to know the essence of bali , ranging from the East, North , to the West . The tourists will find panoramic mountain and lake Batur , Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park , a cruise to Lembongan island , and so on .
    Combination Half Day Tours . Comprehensive package designed combination brief but fun is dedicated to travelers who want to ride a camel , goes under the sea , and wander into Mount Batur . This package also has a visit to the museum and a trip to the shopping center .
    Combination Full Day Tours . If interested in the religious traditions in Bali , this package is perfect for it . The visitors can enjoy the process of rice production and worship in the temples of Bali . This package also provides long-distance expeditions to the city tour until midnight  Hotel Packages Tours . Package with all the luxury of the hotel room specifically for those who want to spend the night in Bali . There are many luxury hotels in Bali with competitive prices . Enjoy all this beauty only with the Bali Tour Package .

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indeed have a nickname , a million city coffee shop Belitung

indeed have a nickname , a million city coffee shop Belitung . Back again to bang jimmy , he nyeritain to me any kind of negative and positive sides of the Pacific islands . The plus side , people here tu -friendly , for example lo keujanan , then ride neduh , then knock the door for permission lo , lo inshaAllah will be in bikikin coffee .Rain greeted my arrival paket wisata tour belitung travel at the airport hanandjoeddin ( read : hananjudin ) . As if Belitung Belitung not want to show that the arid regions because of its tin mines . On the other hand , an irony going on here , transport is still difficult to find, even though there are 4 flights from Jakarta every day . That is , the city is not enough demand ? Um , um , sorry if expressed too much . hehe , be advised , this first solo travel that i run it . And may I hooked continue for traveling solo .The first day coz I make the same adaptation cape town nut . Menn , as long as you know yes , the pandanus cape town i keilingin tour murah belitung city in just 4 hours on foot . so imagine it , how small pandanus cape town . During the walk to the harbor headland I pandanus , I go to the beach headland buried , I Belitung noodles into ATEP at Sriwijaya road , and suddenly , without know which direction I take , I return again to the inn . The rest of the time diapain bro ? usual , ngenet – constricting cool in the lobby of the inn, not tuh cool . Oiya , lodging tempatin quite okay that I have , just pay 40rb/malam could lu why doing disini.Nyewa motors , and bruuuummm , second day opened with a step on the gas to the city manggar , yes , the name of the city, but not covering the village , and perhaps hectic like a village . Oiya , I want to tell you a little about the history of the Pacific islands . Belitung is said he is short of Bali = bali , and tung = putung = broke , so it was split off from the Pacific island of Bali , but all were denied with a bang for sure by Jimmy , who I know through a coffee shop in manggar . Manggar

Back again to bang jimmy , he nyeritain Belitung

Back again to bang jimmy , he nyeritain Belitung Rent a bike , and bruuuummm , second day opened with a step on the gas to the city manggar , yes , the name of the city, but not covering the village , and perhaps hectic like a village . Oiya , I want to tell you a little about the history of the Pacific islands . Belitung is said he is short of Bali = bali , and tung = putung = broke , so it was split off from the Pacific island of Bali , but all were paket wisata tour belitung murah denied with a bang for sure by Jimmy , who I know through a coffee shop in manggar . Manggar indeed have a nickname , a million city coffee shop . Back again to bang jimmy , he nyeritain to me any kind of negative and positive sides of the Pacific islands . The plus side , people here tu -friendly , for example lo keujanan , then ride neduh , then knock agen tour travel belitung the door for permission lo , lo inshaAllah will be in bikikin coffee .The next positive side , if lo stray , do not hesitate to make nanya citizens , inshaAllah they will show the right path to menatapMatahari # # kemudianPerihMata . In fact , if tetep not find any location as well , going lo diaterin until destination . The point belitung it cool for a solo traveler , but yes so , eye damage , livelihood anjis # # jokesLawas .hat bang jimy open a long chat about the ins and outs of the Pacific , from the habits of the people belitung , tourism , weather forecast nelayang style , to the abandonment of the Pacific ferry to Pontianak directly . While waiting for the rain to subside , a lot of information that can be obtained from the bang bang jimy and grace . Sips of sake sips hot tea in my throat and sips of sake sips of alcohol anchor entry in their esophagus 3h kerasa not pass just like that . Once the rain stopped , turning to direct dah pandanus headland . In Tanjung Pandan , straight to the pool kaolin , kaolin was a substance that could bring together two insane in that sacred bond . # ituKawiin . Whatever lah , the scenery here is clear if not much different from the view of the white crater .anyway . ;)If the issue price of the guaranteed going to shock smokers . Just imagine , we only pay Rp . 3,000 – Rp . 4,000 per glass , mantaabbs ! ! ! Please be immediately visited Tanjung Pandan Island , precisely in the city manggar , Belitung regency . Lots of coffee shops that offer betebaran manggar coffee . One that is recommended Atet Coffee Shops , although according to local residents every coffee shop does have a ” secret ingredient ” that is different and will determine the coffee taste manggar . One obvious to me , coffee manggar it …. endang markondang deh . Drinking coffee in that paket wisata belitung tour overcast afternoon pastries Still episodes continue traveling to the Pacific, this time we landed at a monastery located in the area manggar, Belitung. The location is quite far from the city center Billiton, up and down hills. Along the hilly road I remembered one of my favorite cartoons elementary school age, Ninja Hatori. Do not remember the song, “mountain climbing past the valley ….,” for some reason every passing hilly road that song stuck in my head accompanied by typical Belitung after day kelilingan it ….. something bangeettttWell in this manggar city coffee has a special designation . If we want to book a stay call aja black coffee we wanted a cup of coffee O , if we wanted coffee milk then say coffee , so . ;) For my own milk coffee made ??with sweetened condensed milk mixture , sugar , and coffee grounds manggar . Taste ? ? Please try to imagine yourself or me, okay lah

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Most of the interior is old-fashioned Belitung

Most of the interior is old-fashioned Belitung the hallmark of the local community . In each room we can see the works of Andrea Hirata on display , ranging from short stories to cover its books in a variety of versions . You know that a favorite poster image Rhoma Irama curls ? There is also know here , do not miss the heartbreak poems written blog ki slampret curls and ditujukkan to his first love , beautiful girl offspring Tiong Hoa , A LingIn my itinerary for a vacation in the Pacific , owned by Andrea Hirata The word museum is definitely the main priority . Do not imagine the museum ‘s location in the city center with extensive and magnificent buildings . The museum is located at Jalan Rainbow Warriors no. 7 , Village Gantong , precisely in the middle of the township residents in the East Pacific Islands . Is also the home of the poet was born and spent his childhood . The museum building a typical Malay traditional house , simple but very fascinating . For some reason every office exudes the power of dreams and spirit to achieve their dreams . Creeps feels good to be up here , maybe a little Animashaun anyway , his name is also a big fan of Andrea Hirata , can set foot on the ground and came to the Pacific Islands Museum said …. Hhmmm … millions of rooms created thematic rasanya.Setiap corresponding  figures who played an important role in the life of Andrea Hirata , ranging from the room ‘s father , Latitude room , the room Mahar , and others . Each room also contains photographs and beningnya water if necessary nope mah deh arguable anymore . ‘d like diving, snorkeling , or simply swimming, High Cliff Beach obvious nope disappoint . In addition to water sports , the way we can pass and penetrate large rocks or photo around . This is evident in the background of nope can not miss anyone. Many fast photographers , professional and amateur penyedia rental mobil di belitung photo roam and hunt along the coast. Ahh kebayang What about this beautiful beach at dusk , the evening was a pity our plane was waiting at the airport.Before leaving the High Cliff Beach kereennn , do not forget to stop by the betebaran stalls on the beach. Do not let nope try maknyus seafood and paket wisata belitung tour green coconut water segeeerrrr as farewell before leaving the beautiful island of Tanjung Pandan . Happy TravelingBelitung, a city that is identic with one of my favorite writers, none other than Andrea Hirata, mennjadi my purpose of traveling this time. Andrea Hirata and Tetraloginya worldwide and have been translated into several languages??. I remember really, this book attracted similar long before this book be a best seller in Indonesia. Once read, it feels like you’re actually in the nature of Belitung. Said language and sweet story make this increasingly enchanted hearts and convinced of the power of dreams. Yes .. as said Andrea Hirata, “Dream for God will embrace your dreams,” I believe the right of the one of a dream our dreams began, and with dreams nothing is impossible in this world.bebarapa scenes footage from both the novel and film Laskar Pelangi . Most of the interior is old-fashioned , no furniture wooden chairs and some old-fashioned furniture that has become

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Until Kosan also my friend, who addressed the

Until Kosan also my friend, who addressed the Belitung long Jl.Cisitu I no.2 , Dago , Bandung . My friend is a friend of a unit of study and activities on campus. Fadly, his name is short enough , very friendly and smart. I think it's pretty short story , now let's discuss preparations Belitong departure to the island .To reach this island there are several alternatives , the band sea , air, and land . Once I calculate the , it appears to be effective and efficient if you take the air strip using a local airline . I chose the field of aircraft water Batavia Jakarta - Tanjung Pandan ( Belitong ) at 10:50 . These costs range between 250-500 thousand . Would regard as Nona, so I got tickets quite expensive , 357 thousand . Due to my departure from Bandung , so I used to lock still shows on campus at 6 am and the air of Bandung feels pretty cool . However , I should immediately shower and leave the lecture . Yes , this week is the last week of school before the holidays Nona, but my mind was drifting away to an island that says the beach is famous for its panoramic beauty . In short order, I was planning a trip to the island by taking a bribe holiday Belitong earlier alias skip lectures ( which is not to be imitated ... ! ) . Finish college , I immediately pesan rental mobil di belitung escaped from the building were old enough lecture and immediately headed Kosan friend ( luggage store their place ) . Well, thankfully all the project work when I've dealt with so that it could ' obscure ' the quiet .

Ok . Apparently Narrated aselinya , I do not live to Kosan friend, but the streets around the campus before , somehow what this meant. FYI , my 3rd floor lecture at ITB Civil engineering majors that he has given birth to many important people in Indonesia ( realitanya rightly so ) . In the evening after Iftar on campus , I just went to Kosan friends to prepare to leave the island Belitong . But before I could cross paths ( 'd farewell story) with friends who also want to diss track backpacking but never materialize. Agnindhira N , a girl majoring in Environmental Engineering ITB , famously sociable , friendly, and nicknamed ' the beautiful' .travel to the airport at 5:00 Cipaganti cost 80 thousand ( student price ) . Backpacking , maybe some people will directly minded about using a backpack and travel far away from the luxury of a tour desk. But , the reality is quite different when I try menjajal island Belitong a person and bring a special backpack backpackers. I experienced a lot of things , until eventually leads to the conclusion that no one 's ever impressed backpacking difficult and tiring ( imho ) . So, for backpacking enthusiasts , perhaps I can share some experience for a five-day trip - Belitong Bandung , Padang.Well, the first thing that should be noted prior to travel far -style backpackers paket wisata belitung is to prepare the things that felt very old affect your trip. Among these things , among others :The morning was still the month of Ramadan , the c